Missed another update

January 24, 2011

Yes, I know I missed Wednesday and there really is no excuse except that I forgot my wordpress password and took ten minutes today to get a new one. I do write these things done but than I either lose the scrap piece of paper I wrote it on or spilled something on it. Yeah I know not the greatest move but enough of that and onto my Sunday update.

I did start the rewrites on The Bargain and haven’t finished them yet. But I came to one shocking truth about the project that took me completely by surprise. The fact of the matter is no matter what I do The Bargain is not a novel but actually a novella. I have heard of a novella turning into a novel length but never the other way around. Sure I can throw in more plot twists and even a third plot to the story line but than it just doesn’t feel true to the story and I don’t want that. So there you have it The Bargain is a novella length in the 30 to 40k range but a novella all the same.

Forsaken is coming along nicely and I adore my two main characters. They have a live of their own and the plot is unique to me anyway which is always a good thing.

I did miss two days this week because I felt worst than death but all in all I think things are going smoothly.


Another Update

January 13, 2011

Ah, another Wednesday and I still haven’t written a line that is leaping out at me. Currently I am fighting the urge to turn back and re-write what I have gotten finished. The inner conflict on this idea is killer the one side is well you only are a little over ten pages in this is the time to start over again if you are going to do it while the side is that it can get better in the next few pages.

Both statements make sense but the second one is really sucking at my self esteem or something and the terrible what ifs are attacking. What if it doesn’t get better? What if I force myself through a few uncomfortable pages only to find out I have hit a dead in after all? All that extra time could’ve been used to re-write and see hat is missing because something does feel like it is missing. What it is I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

Anyway I am cranking the words out but I am unhappy with what I got so I might take the next few days to re-write. I know that will set my word count back pretty much to zero on The Bargain but I do have other projects I am currently working on so until I catch up in the rewrites on that one I might just post daily word counts to Forsaken.

Forsaken is still an erotica or border line erotica romance and is a novella length paranromal. I completely changed the original plot I did for it over a year ago now it involves a fallen guardian angel, a serial soul snatcher and a sarcastic warlock hero. Yeah, I know I never though I would do an angel type story either but surprise, surprise. I am also working on a short aimed for an erotica anthology. But now I am just getting off topic.

I have also found that having a goal of writing just 800 words a day Monday to Friday just isn’t enough. I mean I need a little more structure so I have switched the goal just a little bit.

For example by Sunday’s Update I want to have the following completed;

1. Have all the rewrite of The Bargain caught up to my current word count.

2. Have 800 words done each day on Forsaken.

3. Have half my just plotted out (or almost half – I will be happy with 1,500 to 2k) finished on my short, Playing Dirty.

I know that is technically three goals but they are basically the same to me and that is just write.

Second Update

January 10, 2011

Not much to report since my last update since I don’t write much on the weekend which is fine since my goal is 500 words per day Monday to Friday. I am still a little out of it from earlier in the week but I feel like I am getting somewhere so that is something I suppose.

So next week goal is 3k which is 500 words more than I expect but I did miss a day this week.

I missed Wednesday

January 7, 2011

Yup, the title says it all I am supposed to post every Wednesday and Sunday my progress on Row80. Anyway even though I am two days late and started one day late (due to food posioning). I made a little progress on The Bargain fleshed out the plot a bit and rewrote the first three pages of what I was able to save from the somewhat started file I had hidden on word.

I think to make my row80 updates a little more interesting to myself or anyone who stumbles here I will post my favorite line that I had written that week on every Sunday update. Not this Sunday but the next one, I don’t have enough for a favorite line yet.

Word count to date is 1,800 (missed Monday and Tuesday was lack luster).

Round of Words in 80 Days

January 2, 2011

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but surprise I started the new year with a bout of food posioning (fun for all). Anyway my goal for ROW80 is to write 500 words per day. I like to think that this is doable and I am certain that somedays I will write more. I have also come to the realization that life sometimes gets in the way as well but I am not going to let that get me down. I have a goal and I will be posting how I am doing with that goal on this blog.

A New Year & a blog

January 1, 2011

As this is my first official post here just mere minutes after the New Year has begun. I thought it would only be proper to introduce myself and my reasons for this blog. I am the alter ego of Contessica Ryans – no I don’t have split personality or anything of the sort. I just write a lot and have decided to break it down into two alias’ to make it easier on myself or perhaps more difficult we shall see soon enough. Anyway I write sensual to erotic romance stuff mostly and anything lighter will be under my Contessica Ryans alias.
The reason for this blog is simple really -to keep track of my writing goals, post excerpts, some thoughts and even a little promoting.
So come back in the New Year to see how things are going.