Missed another update

January 24, 2011

Yes, I know I missed Wednesday and there really is no excuse except that I forgot my wordpress password and took ten minutes today to get a new one. I do write these things done but than I either lose the scrap piece of paper I wrote it on or spilled something on it. Yeah I know not the greatest move but enough of that and onto my Sunday update.

I did start the rewrites on The Bargain and haven’t finished them yet. But I came to one shocking truth about the project that took me completely by surprise. The fact of the matter is no matter what I do The Bargain is not a novel but actually a novella. I have heard of a novella turning into a novel length but never the other way around. Sure I can throw in more plot twists and even a third plot to the story line but than it just doesn’t feel true to the story and I don’t want that. So there you have it The Bargain is a novella length in the 30 to 40k range but a novella all the same.

Forsaken is coming along nicely and I adore my two main characters. They have a live of their own and the plot is unique to me anyway which is always a good thing.

I did miss two days this week because I felt worst than death but all in all I think things are going smoothly.


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